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Honoring David Poarch and Mary & Jamie Oldaker

Thursday, February 18, 2021

David Poarch

This Year’s Heart of Henry Award Recipient

Mary & Jamie Oldaker

This Year’s Volunteers of the Year

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Anonymous Donor                            Ruth Nelson                         Susie and Dave Hentschel

Anonymous Donor

Ruth Nelson

Susie and Dave Hentschel

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Joseph Craft         Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Joseph Craft

Mervin Bovaird Foundation

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Fran Biolchini

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Carol Tandy Foundation

David and Carol Poarch

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Joel and Karen Kantor

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John and Leigh Reaves

Jolene Sanditen, Sandman Property Services Inc

Julie Frank – in loving memory of Jean Sanditen and Irvin and Sharna Frank

Mrs. Walt Helmerich

Patrick Milligan


Anchor Stone Co

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Caron Lawhorn

Christine and Barry Steichen

Congregation of Benedictine Sisters

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Gordan and Cindy Ritter


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Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

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Robert Bockmeulen

Robert Fugate

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